Sniper Rest-Tactical Hunting Rest Pricing


Rigid Base –Standard Top

Primed-Red Zinc Chromate                                                            $149.00

Black Powder Coat                                                                         $159.00

Spray Can Camo                                                                            $164.00


Rigid Base-Adjustable Top

Primed –Red Zinc Chromate                                                          $157.00

Black Powder Coat                                                                         $167.00

Spray Can Camo                                                                            $172.00


Deluxe Takedown Base-Standard Top-w/carry strap

Primed-Red Zinc Chromate                                                            $174.00

Black Powder Coat                                                                         $184.00

Spray Can Camo                                                                            $189.00


Deluxe Takedown Base-Adjustable Top-w/carry strap

Primed-Red Zinc Chromate                                                           $182.00

Black Powder Coat                                                                        $192.00

 Spray Can Camo                                                                          $197.00 


Deduct for No Strap and Velcro’s                                                   -$15.00

Deduct for Aluminum shaft instead of SS shaft                                -$1.50